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Castlemilk Moorit and Portland Sheep

Portland sheep ewes and rams

We breed the primitive type Castlemilk Moorit; a long legged agile and attractive sheep with beautiful mouflon markings, and downland type Portland sheep; an old english breed famed for its beautiful fleece and fine meat. Both of these rare breeds are on the RBST Watchlist. 

Rams and young stock normally available. Flock visits can be arranged for prospective owners.

Many colours of Sussex Bantams also available

buff sussex
coronation sussex

Sussex bantams are a lovely calm breed that produces a reasonable size egg. We keep many colours of this bantam breed and we also work at developing new colours like blue and black speckled.

We have chicks from day old available from March to August and older hens all year

Sussex bantam chicks
Buff Sussex bantams
Sliver Sussex bantams
light sussex bantams

Our current breeding pens are for the following colours: Buff, Red, Silver, Coronation, Light, Pure White, Speckled and Blue. All pens are fully covered to be Avian flu compliant  and we are DEFRA registered.


As well as breeding stock and hens we also sell


We supply half lamb boxes of both Castlemilk Moorit and Portland hogget lamb. This is superb lean meat ideal for special meals or everyday. All our meat is from pasture fed 1 to 2 year old whethers born at home and lovingly raised.

Sheep fleece and tanned skins

Around June every year we shear all the sheep ourselves and the best fleeces are available for hand spinners, just send us a message if you want to be informed when the fleeces are ready to choose. We also occasionally have tanned skins from our meat sheep.

Hatching eggs

From March to August we can supply Sussex Bantam hatching eggs in a range of colours. We hatch around 200 ourselves so fertility is monitored closely. Eggs can be posted.

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We are always happy to talk about our lovely sheep and bantams so if you have any questions about the breeds or availability of stock please contact us.

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